It's competition time! Win Soap for Life

Soap for life! Enter in 3 simple steps

Here at Tirtyl, we're all about packing the treats, not the T&Cs..

Entering this competition is easy, simply:

1. Purchase any Tirtyl hand soap product
2. Follow us on Instagram (@tirtyl.tabs) & Facebook (tirtyl)
3. Tag us in a story or post featuring the products and good vibes!

Winners are announced monthly and will win 20 years of free soap! Read on.

The nuts and bolts


 β€’ β€œSoap for life” winners are entitled to 1 Tirtyl Tab per month for 20 years, with tablets sent on an annual basis.

β€’ Winners may choose any soap tablet variety and may change their preference each year.

β€’ Customers are entitled to one entry per order.

How winners are drawn

One winner will be drawn at random and announced each month for the duration of the promotion. Announcements will be made on the last Friday of every month, commencing August 2021. Winners will also be contacted directly.

A valid entry includes an Instagram or Facebook post (photo or video) of a Tirtyl product with tags to our respective social media account, Instagram (@tirtyl.tabs) and Facebook (/@tirtyl). The post or story must be a genuine reflection of the Tirtyl brand and must be appropriate to share publicly. Tirtyl will determine whether an entry is valid at it's absolute discretion.

Other terms

The prize will cease in the event of business closure or change of ownership.


Fill your foaming pump bottle with warm tap water.

Also make sure your bottle has a foaming pump! If in doubt, read here.


Drop in a Tirtyl Tab and patiently curb your excitement for 20 minutes.

There's no need to wait around either, just pop the pump back on and let the magic unfold!


Enjoy a moisturizing, foaming lather!
Every, single, time.

When you need to refill, simply repeat the process. Say goodbye to single-use plastic.

^ Graphic above showing "comparison".
1 Tirtyl Tab = Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (Unbranded)

The most effective concentrate

Our foaming hand soap contains many of the same ingredients as other effective and moisturizing soaps, less the nasties of course.

The biggest difference is we've packed ours into a powerful tablet, so you don't have to pay for water or plastic packaging!

The smarter way to shop soap

Save a trip to the supermarket where you'll pay more for less! Instead get refills economically shipped to your doorstep. It's simply the smarter choice.

^ Graphic comparison above showing  a Tirtyl Hand Soap = $1.5, Unbranded Hand Soap = $3+

^ Photo above showing bottle plastic waste vs compostable wrapping.
Maybe a GIF - with plastic waste piling up, vs cutting wrapping into pieces and burying or putting in recycle bin.

No more single-use plastic

Only 9 percent of plastic is recycled in the USA. Instead, most plastic waste including soap and cleaning bottles ends in landfill, or worse our oceans.

In the near future, single-use plastic for most household consumables will be gone forever.

Why wait?

^ Banner above with "Refill, not landfill".