Buy a bottle once, refill forever with our powerful tablets and your own tap water.

How it works

Is it different or much the same? Both!

Our hand soaps are not that much different to what you're used to really. It works, feels great, smells great, and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

But let's be honest, this is way more fun! Bring a smile to your dial every-time you refill the soap. That's a first!

3 Simple Steps

Same ingredients, less the nasties

The key difference is that we've packed our soap into a powerful tablet, so you don't pay for water or plastic packaging.

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Refill and save money, time and the planet

Refill and save money, time and the planet

Refill is the new recycle. It's easier, cheaper and doesn't cost the earth! Better yet, our refills are economically delivered to your doorstep – at no cost to you and 100% carbon neutral.

No more single-use plastic

Only 9 percent of plastic is recycled in Australia. Instead, most plastic waste including soap and cleaning bottles ends in landfill, or worse, our oceans.

We're adamant that in the near future, single-use plastic for most household consumables will be gone for good. Why wait?

Our tablets are wrapped in 100% home compostable packaging. No plastic, no waste.