The most convenient & environmentally friendly laundry product

No measuring, no fuss.

Our highly concentrated detergent sheets are the zero-waste future of laundry. Simply place a sheet inside your machine and start washing!

Each concentrated sheet is equivalent to 50g of powder or liquid to save space & waste.

Suitable for all washing machines, including top & front loaders and both hot & cold water cycles.

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Easily tear in half for smaller loads

Each sheet has a tear strip to easily serve half doses, so you can reduce waste and make your sheets go the distance.

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Great for hand washing too

Our laundry sheets are tough on stains, not skin. You can wash "the ol' fashioned way" in confidence.

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Finally, 100% recycable packaging

Our laundry sheet sleeves are 100% recycable.

Did you know that most cardboard laundry powder boxes in supermarkets feature a subtle plastic lining making them non-recyclable?

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