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3 Simple Steps

Introducing the Tirtyl Towel

Our Tirtyl Towels are a replacement for disposable paper towels. They are reusable, machine washable and 100% compostable made from plant cellulose & cotton.

Just one of these is the equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels. Best of all, there's no microfibers!

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Tirtyl Towel 100% Compostable, Resusable, Washable Cleaning Cloth

Highly absorbant material

Wipe away spills in a single stroke! Our cellulose cloths are ultra absorbant for effective, convenient cleaning.

The towel will also dry and harden quickly after use to prevent bacteria growth. If you want a "cloth-like" feel, just damp the Tirtyl Towel before cleaning.

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A convenient floor cleaner too!

Clean floors the convenient way with any spray mop. Just pop the tab in and start cleaning! Our tabs are suitable for all hard floor surfaces including wood, tiles, stone and more.

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Tirtyl Universal Cleaner is compatible with any spray mop