As an ethical brand, we don't just talk about impact. 

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Hear about our impact philosophy

We started Tirtyl to create amazing products that unwaste. Whilst we love creating high performing products, we are most passionate about joining the fight to save our planet.

Introducing the Tirtyl Tip

Tirtyl Tip is the name of our give-back program, where we pass on 2% of sales to social causes we care about. Starting with removing plastic waste, we’re now working on a series of new partnerships in 2021, from marine-life conservation, clean-water initiatives and advocating for plastic policy reforms.  

Tirtyl Tip - Our social foundation for donating 2% of sales

We're cleaning up the oceans with your help

Since launching in January 2021, we have collected


plastic bottles from the ocean

Last updated 31 May 2021

This is achieved through our partnership with Plastic Bank, the world's leading plastic clean-up organisation with collection infrastructure in developing communities world-wide. Contributions are used to pay wages to locals in Indonesia, Brazil and Haiti who harvest ocean plastic waste. Much of the plastic is processed and up-cycled into the private sector as new consumer goods.

It's a real win-win. Ocean plastic is removed whilst supporting communities in need! Read more through the link below.

Plastic Bank | Removing ocean plastic in developing communities world-wide

Your voice matters

Our impact is your impact too. Every 3-6 months we contact our thoughtful customers to seek feedback on upcoming initiatives.