Our Mission

is to make conscious consumption mainstream

Empowering smarter households

Empowering smarter households

Conscious consumption should be simple and easy. Our products make it effortless to switch to a cleaner, greener way to soap.

Better supply chains

Better supply chains

Conscious consumption meets conscious production. We build better supply chains through detailed life-cycle assessment (LCA) analysis and ethical sourcing.

Multiplying social impact

Multiplying social impact

We're doubling down on our social impact by donating up to 2% of sales to causes that matter. This is achieved through our Tirtyl Tip Foundation. Learn more here.

Our Founders

Tirtyl Founders May and Lachlan

An unlikely partnership

The Ying to each other's Yang, Lachlan and May’s different, yet complementary personalities & passions sparked the inception of Tirtyl. With a successful career in high-growth ventures, May loves nothing more than a clever, disruptive product and building a scalable business.

Having plied his skills as a management consultant and environmental policy scholar, Lachlan is intent on proving that businesses and governments can β€œdo the right thing” and also be successful.

The Tirtyl Team

Tirty-ly Awesome Crew

Meet the team making helping Australia drive towards zero-waste personal care and cleaning. We're a growing team based in Brisbane, Queensland and this shot was taken at our warehouse in Woolloongabba.

Keen to get on-board the Tirtyl Train? If you think your skills can help us on our mission, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us us to learn more (remote talent is welcome).

Tirtyl Team February 2022 in Brisbane, Australia