Shipping policy

Qualifying for FREE Shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING in Australia for "refills-only" orders and all orders over $45 in total product value.

"Refill-only" are orders that contain only these refill and replenishment products:

You may order any number or combination of the above items as long as no other items are being purchased.

We offer free shipping on these "refills only" orders because we believe doing the right thing and refilling shouldn't cost more.


Pump and Spray Trigger Shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING in Australia for pumps and spray triggers when:

  • Purchased alongside any order containing only refills, OR
  • The order's total value is over $45 in total product value.


Flat-Rate Shipping Fees

  • Australia: For orders that do not qualify for free shipping, a $6 flat-rate fee applies.
  • New Zealand: All orders incur a $10 flat-rate fee for regular orders and $5 flat-rate fee for all refills-only and pump replacement orders.


Handling Time, Courier & Tracking

91% of orders are shipped within 1 business day of order confirmation. You should expect your package within 2-8 business days upon receiving your dispatch confirmation.

A tracking number will be sent upon dispatch for all non-refill orders.

Tirtyl only ship using Australia Post and offset 100% of carbon emissions through Greenfleet Australia.