Our philosophy on supply chains and responsible manufacturing

An insight into our supply chain journey

May 2021 Update: We are glad to confirm we have successfully transitioned to an Australian manufacturer for our 100% home compostable wrappers. The wrappers are developed & printed in Queensland, Australia.

Our "Made in Australia" roadmap continues to make progress and we look forward to announcing more exciting news in mid-2022.

As an ethical brand, our main principle is "do the right thing", and it's a philosophy we go by in all aspects of the business, in particular when it comes to sourcing, supply chain & manufacturing.

At present, our products are ethically manufactured in Australia and China. Whilst "Made in China" may seem dissapointing to some, we would like to give an overview as to why this is the case, and how we're doing it the right way too.

When we started Tirtyl, we wanted to keep it 100% local. That's manufacturing and sourcing 100% ingredients from Australia and/or United States (where we also sell into). Unfortunately, after months of liaising with industry, we fell short. Primarily for these three reasons:

1. A special tablet press is required for our soaps and unfortunately the equipment did not exist in Australia (i.e. had to be imported).
2. We had a radically new product that manufacturers had no experience in.
3. Our order volumes were too small for reputable manufacturers to invest in.

Persistent to bring Tirtyl products to life, we continued to explore our networks. After a few months, we received a significant breakthrough when we were introduced to an ethical manufacturer in China, that shared a common interested in our mission to reduce plastic waste, and was willing to work with a small business to do so.

Initially, we had some reservations about offshoring manufacturing for our initial release. Even though many leading reputable brands do so (such as Tesla & Apple who manufacture in China). However after some consideration, we decided to proceed, on the basis that we were able to satisfy 3 strict conditions:

1. Product quality remains exceptional
2. Factory conditions pass and exceed audit inspections for our standards in ethical working conditions and wages (our standards are significantly above those legislated)
3. We support local communities through our Tirtyl Tip give-back program.

Our first step was to engage one of the world's leading audit companies to verify the factory operated as per our expectations. This was a safe measure despite the numerous Zoom calls and virtual inspections we've made with our colleagues abroad. Unfortunately, due to COVID travel restrictions, we have been unable to visit China since March 2020.

As for our give-back program, this is already in effect. See here to learn more about our Tirtyl Tip Foundation and how we're donating a portion of each sale to plastic waste initiatives, with more to follow!

Where are we headed?

While our governments have ideological differences, and each government should be held to account for their actions or inactions, we’re committed to building bridges with our suppliers through a joint mission of protecting the most important thing we both have in common – the earth.

We also have big plans for 2021-22 to bring more of our manufacturing into the local economy and as part of a "Made in Australia" roadmap which we are taking very, very seriously. We recently transitioned our 100% home compostable wrappers to be made in Australia and manufactured our first batch in May 2021. We are also re-engaging in discussions with the local manufacturers we previously liaised with for the soap tablets. Now that we have successfully launched with rapidly scaling demand, we're in a much better position to establish a partnership than when we started! Progress is well underway, and we look forward to providing further updates in due course.

In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to learn more, you can reach out to us here. After all, as a current or prospective customer, you deserve our transparency.


Fill your foaming pump bottle with warm tap water.

Also make sure your bottle has a foaming pump! If in doubt, read here.


Drop in a Tirtyl Tab and patiently curb your excitement for 20 minutes.

There's no need to wait around either, just pop the pump back on and let the magic unfold!


Enjoy a moisturizing, foaming lather!
Every, single, time.

When you need to refill, simply repeat the process. Say goodbye to single-use plastic.

^ Graphic above showing "comparison".
1 Tirtyl Tab = Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (Unbranded)

The most effective concentrate

Our foaming hand soap contains many of the same ingredients as other effective and moisturizing soaps, less the nasties of course.

The biggest difference is we've packed ours into a powerful tablet, so you don't have to pay for water or plastic packaging!

The smarter way to shop soap

Save a trip to the supermarket where you'll pay more for less! Instead get refills economically shipped to your doorstep. It's simply the smarter choice.

^ Graphic comparison above showing  a Tirtyl Hand Soap = $1.5, Unbranded Hand Soap = $3+

^ Photo above showing bottle plastic waste vs compostable wrapping.
Maybe a GIF - with plastic waste piling up, vs cutting wrapping into pieces and burying or putting in recycle bin.

No more single-use plastic

Only 9 percent of plastic is recycled in the USA. Instead, most plastic waste including soap and cleaning bottles ends in landfill, or worse our oceans.

In the near future, single-use plastic for most household consumables will be gone forever.

Why wait?

^ Banner above with "Refill, not landfill".