Tirtyl Universal Cleaner Kit with glass refillable spray bottle, 3 Tirtyl Tabs, 3 Tirtyl Towels (100% Compostable) and Storage Tin
Tirtyl Universal Cleaner Kit with glass refillable spray bottle, 3 Tirtyl Tabs, 3 Tirtyl Towels (100% Compostable) and Storage Tin
Tirtyl Towels are 100% Compostable, Reusable, Machine Washable equivalent to 15 Paper Rolls
Tirtyl Signature Style Refillable Glass Spray Bottle
Tirtyl Universal Cleaner is Suitable for All Hard Surfaces such as Wood, Tiles, Vinyl, Floors, Appliances, Stovetops, Benchtops and more.
Tirtyl Universal Cleaner Storage Tin with Tabs
Tirtyl Universal Cleaner Spraying onto Tin

Universal Cleaner Kit (Coming Soon)

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Pre-order the Universal Cleaner now in our Tirtyl Home Bundle, and it will be shipped to you in June.

Upgrade your home with our high-performance Universal Cleaner.

  • Suitable for all hard surfaces including laminates, wood, marble, stone, tiles, stainless steel, glass and more
  • Includes 3-pack of Tirtyl Towels (see below)
  • High-performance "all in one" formula which cuts through grease and grime
  • Greywater safe
  • Great for cleaning floors too

Universal Cleaner Kit also comes with a 3-pack of ultra-absorbent and reusable Tirtyl Towels.

  • Equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels!
  • 100% plant-based made from plant cellulose and cotton
  • Machine washable to reuse over and over again
  • Highly absorbent & quick-drying to prevent bacteria build-up
  • Suitable for all hard surfaces
  • The plastic-free alternative to microfiber towels

The Universal Cleaner Kit includes:

Tirtyl Spray Bottle

500ml signature glass spray bottle

Tirtyl Towel Compostable Cloths

3 reusable Tirtyl Towels

Tirtyl Universal Cleaner Storage Tin

1 Tablet Tin for storage

Tirtyl Universal Cleaner Tablets

3 Universal Cleaner tablets

The Universal Cleaner fragrance will come in a citrus-based or eucalyptus scent which is being finalised currently. More to follow.

  • Fill your spray bottle to the line with regular tap water
  • Drop-in your Tirtyl Tab and wait for it to dissolve with trigger off
  • Spray directly onto a hard surface
  • (Optional) Dampen Tirtyl Towel under a tap prior to wiping for a more traditional cloth experience & texture
  • For tough marks, spray and leave on surface for 30 seconds and use steel wool or brush.

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