Performing a full cradle-to-cradle analysis on each of products would cost more than US$200,000 and would take 3-6 months. We’d rather spend this on our Tirtyl Tip Program. Thankfully, much wealthier organisations have conducted their own cradle-to-cradle assessments on similar products, leaving us a series of benchmarks from which we can estimate our emissions.

In the case of our glass bottle. We used two benchmarks and some simple math to estimate the CO2 footprint.

Bottle Weight Cradle-to cradle CO2 emissions Emissions Factor Source
1 kg 1200 g 120% Glass Packaging Institute
1 kg 1090 g 109% AIGMF India
Skipper glass bottle 190 g 190 g * 114.5% = 217.55 g 114.5% (Avg.)

We then performed the same benchmarking with every component of our product suite to calculate our total CO2 emissions.

After subtracting the CO2 offsets from our office solar system, we offset the remainder of our CO2 footprint through our partnership with Greenfleet Australia who perform reforestation initiatives in Koala habitats close to our Australia HQ.